♫♪  RAMZi - Phobiza Vol. 2 “Noite”

Mood Hut
There’s a drummer in there somewhere. They’ve wrapped the body and placed it in the tumba, where all drummers go when they die. When slapping rawhide or pushing pad, remember there’s a spirit drummer going ‘oof’ somewhere in there. Somewhere in the tape. Somewhere in the pro tools. ‘oof you stooge’ ‘uch’ ‘ouch’ ‘awoowoowooo’ and other ghost notes. Far from deadening the sound, these exclamations of the spirit round out the rays and timbre around the rosy. Spirit is a sonic asset — sunbeams, rays and rosy, other bright lights, on Broadway, in blooming flowers, billboards, corner stores, soda pop cans, “orange crate art” — go home happy with a smile. There is a ghost in the machine, only on the good days.

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