♫♪  Rangers - “The Dreams I’ve Had This Week”

If I’m not mistaken, TMT has covered “The Dreams I’ve Had This Week,” so in a totally different light, I won’t read what has been written, and I’ll go with my gut on a train leaving a night in NYC with me wife. At first, Rangers’ “The Dreams I’ve Had This Week” sorta sounds like an Elliott Smith track, starting out on a minor-note Beatles track off Revolver, then immediately grips into a Guided By Voices hook filled alt-rock, wastoid cowboy tune that’s as Texas as it is starfish. Wait, maybe not as starfish as it is gazy. But gazy in a whimsy way, and less just zonked. And zonked can be sometimes an MO in these lo-fi, basement daze haze still lingering the floor pipes of your living room. Or that feel of laying on the hard wood floor in the summer for the most cool your cheap ass can get without air conditioning. Either way, don’t mess. Grip some H20 or suds and knock back enough to drift-wood away with Rangers and “The Dreams I’ve Had This Week.”

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