♫♪  Rangers - “ETV / Clown Prince / The Journalist”

Precious stones like the Rangers’ newest Reconsider Lounge LP are EXACTLY the reason why I grovel at the feet of Not Not Fun’s discography decisions. Apparently, Reconsider Lounge is the gathering of Rangers tracks both released and unreleased (during Joe Knight’s move from the Bay to central Texas), reappropriated into radio-long-play format, and tricked out like that hazed road trip you never took, but ended up with so much state-by-state swag, you’re SURE it was real. Furthermore, “ETV / Clown Prince / The Journalist” in this ditty-sampler sound-off like they’re that uncle who encourages experimentation with every drug when your 14.

So many visions are here in “ETV / Clown Prince / The Journalist,” and luckily, Rangers is there as the spirit-radio guide, leading the way with his axe, and plucking out all the evil of harm’s way. If holding hands with music were any easier, there’d be an actual live show hallucination of the musicians playing, and as the atmosphere of Reconsider Lounge is that of “twisted radio,” it won’t be hard to zone out and hallucinate purely on the vibration of sound-waves. Linger on over to Not Not Fun and grip the newest Rangers LP, featuring “ETV / Clown Prince / The Journalist,” as the Bryan Pyle mastered album is only in edition of 250.

• Rangers: http://joeknightmusic.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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