♫♪  Rangers - Texas Rock Bottom

We hear at Tiny Mix Tapes been building up to this moment: Texas Rock Bottom. Now, Rangers has been the long-time lo-fi output of Joe Knight that’s gathered praise on critical and influential levels since the debut release of . But Texas Rock Bottom is a whole new beast of burden, seeming to take shape in an existential jam-band that anti-replicates post-cool within complete sedation. Rangers are actually reaching Ween status in fidelity that’s questionably DIY, characterizing itself among modern comparisons such as Drugdealer and Outer Limits Recordings. And from what Sir Knight has mentioned to me in e-mails, it sounds like Texas Rock Bottom will be released on ultra limited cassette formats, funded by Rangers, in an effort to become less broke than the fellah is currently.

The pleasantness of Texas Rock Bottom is what really stabs at me with irony. It’s equally cathartic and smirky, blending his past few years as a guitar teacher, and (assumedly) only listening to 90s Seattle indie and live acts at local sports bars. Though most importantly, the patience taken into a sunnyside-up servicing of music strikes more than just a chord, but Rangers has officially made the equivalent of a Lone Star sixer into music form. Texas Rock Bottom is that happy feeling you get when purchasing beer to “tie one off” for the night, but also the morning after where it feels like your head is stew.

Keep an eye out for the new Rangers’ tape Texas Rock Bottom, but grip it now on the digital, or stream below:

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