♫♪  RASH - PURPLEIMAGE [album]

Oh, right. So, who’s on top of their game in 2012 so far in music? From what I’ve gathered, it’s been James Ferraro, Lil B, Giant Claw, Dean Blunt, Hobo Cubes, and ol’ Alex Gray (a.k.a. Deep Magic/Tapes, Heat W/Rave, RASH) all vomiting goodies each month. PURPLEIMAGE being a little more of Gray’s Magic than Wave sound, but you got that beat, the drone-pop melody, and a whole smear of colorful imaginings into your ears and out your psyche. You’ll feel an uplifting motion that all your spinal fluid is seeping into your brain, and you can’t stop it; you don’t want to. The mind-burning effects are more like a sneezing sensation. Your nostrils flair uninhaled smoke that you try and suck back in through your mouth/lips; lick your teeph. But are all these releases due the hilarity of the apocalypse, or is it a “$$$ make me come” sort of thing? You can axe Alex April 3 during the Heat Rave Dance Nite at Naya if you in Californiiiiii. Oh, and this RASH release is free or you can get it on cassette!! NOW>NOW>NOW

• RASH: http://rrrash.tumblr.com
• Deep Tapes: http://deeptapes.com
• Heat Rave: http://heatrave.com

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