♫♪  Ravenna Golden - “Pool”

While Ravenna Golden’s Girl Gone Wild was coated in glistening layers of autotune and maximalist production values, her recent collaborative EP with Seawrecker subverted those pop sensibilities via a raw vocal performance that peeled back the aforementioned sonic layers, all to find her most poignant work to date.

“Pool,” the debut single from her forthcoming Bipolar EP, lays down the groundwork for a bridge between styles as a summery, up-tempo instrumental sways back and forth underneath her declaration of uncertainty: “my hands are in a pool of blood, my friends are in the pool out front; no one believes me…no one believes me.” Once again opting for a minimalist route behind the microphone, it pays dividends as she stretches her vocals to wonderfully melodic lengths at times, allowing them to waver with slight exasperation at others, but always emitting a sense of surrealism as the primarily positive overtones she espouses are mixed with an undercurrent of lyrical woe.

Stream “Pool” below as Golden prepares to take the next step in her winding musical journey on Bipolar.

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