♫♪  Raymond Scottwalker and Viktor Vibes - Watchin Yu [EP stream]

Fallopian Tunes is a new label and collective based in Melbourne and specializing in experimental electronics. Formed by one half of Yolke during a recent stint in Berlin, they’ve been releasing material for a couple of years now mainly on tape and MP3. But the pace and quality has really picked up in 2012.

Following the release of the excellent Gloss & Moss compilation with New Weird Australia in May, this collab between Raymond Scottwalker (also of Yolke) and Victor Vibes dropped this week. “Watchin oVR Yu” is maybe the standout track (though Clikk Up has a mighty fine groove too), proving it’s not only those crazy cats at DIS Mag riding the vaporwave, yo.

• Raymond Scottwalker and Victor Vibes: http://fallopiantunes.bandcamp.com/album/watchin-yu
• Fallopian Tunes: http://fallopiantunes.bandcamp.com

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