♫♪  Redhead - “Gold On My Macbook Freestyle”

“I’m the greatest rapper alive up in my mind, I guess.” This may just be the defining quote between who can release music on a monthly or yearly basis, and someone like Stephen Redhead, who has more of an inconsistent release schedule, releasing tracks on the level of “Gold On My Macbook Freestyle.” Yes, this is Readhead freestyling over that mixtape track “Gold On My Macbook” by Trinidad James. And not to throw shade, since it’s January and that shit would be COLD, but Redhead’s track reminds me of riding in my car, trying to rap to whatever beat is playing on my stereo. Which is neat, in a way that Redhead had (maybe) no intention of referencing.

But “Gold On My Macbook Freestyle” is probably a good sense of what you may be receiving in the new year. Y’all can purchase his single “White Talk” now. And as his email to me said, “Expect very interesting things from this artist in the months to come.” I mean, at least he’s not telling you he’s rare or his shit is a collector’s item, right? Respect to that!

• Redhead: http://redhead.bandcamp.com

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