♫♪  rei clone - Wet

This year is turning out to be massive for shoegaze. Some months back, Pinkshinyultrablast unleashed Grandfeathered on us. Then spring came and with it a deluge of great records. Stargazer Lilies dropped Door to the Sun. I mistakenly underrated (yes, yes, yes even TMT writers fuck up, feel me?) Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow. And because, you know….. I am a lazy asshole, I never did get around to penning odes to incredible records by Bloody Knives and Rev Rev Rev. This is barely the tip of the iceberg honestly. But you are insatiable right? There’s room in your acrid heart for Denton, Texas’ rei clone. On August 3rd they quietly slipped out one of the very best shoegaze releases of the year. For free. Straight to bandcamp. It’s called Wet and believe me it is hella tite. They refer to themselves as “otaku shoegazers” and appear to have a heavy interest in anime (dear rei clone, are you also obsessed with Studio Ghibli and Claymore? asking for a friend, jk it’s me). Oh and also, their self titled release at the end of 2015 is absolute fire and it’s also free. They deserve your CA$H tho, show ‘em some love. Peep this immediately.

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