♫♪  Reighnbeau - “Light”

Who’s a sucker for weepy jams? This guy. Seriously, anyone else totally into the new Cloud Nothings album this year? How about when Pure X was Pure Ecstasy, and they had a tape on Leftist Nautical Antiques? Chances are you didn’t get that tape due to “C’est la vie. 08. March 2011,” I believe. But Reighnbeau bringing back that high-crushing-on-you-wavey vibe way way hard. Like, these vocals are making out with my ear. Appropriately, of course. With taste. And that taste is wax, readers, because Bridgetown Records only pumps out brilliance, am I wrong? Scope the label and Reighnbeau’s slick new tape. HI!!!!!!!!!!

• Reighnbeau: http://reighnbeaureighnbeau.blogspot.com
• Bridgetown: http://www.bridgetownrecords.info

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