♫♪  Remember - The City Is My Friend

Never have I taken this way home. It’s like a grey that was once, but never a color. Fishing for friends, so you find Ned in Chinatown, in the middle of all this Korean. Korean mart shutting down and Ned said, “We’re closing and a Chinese mart is opening.” Ultimate breadwinner is the customer.

I know Remember as a facade to GPS. It’s a familiarity to what vaporwave once was and still is as existent. And raincore. Remember is v hardD raincore. Although, The City Is My Friend is a different breed, now, of Remember. Like a farm of recollections that just can’t quiet tip-your-tongue.

Plug into Dream Catalogue’s menagerie of new. The City Is My Friend is real in the feel. A bodega that’s open almost 24-hours. Something only home can call today. Indirect aesthetics that bolster a weight of now. No: existentia..

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