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Brøderbund Software Library Deluxe

If there was one tattoo to get, it’d be the word ANACHRONISM in graffiti print across your back. With a friend that says “That’s Ironic” in Arabic, but just in Arabic font, and it’s still English. Kinda like Dude, Where’s My Car, only way more stoned and getting stoned way more often throughout the adventure, whether or not your sidekick/navigator/partner is participating; one can always make up for the other. Or maybe a dragon tattoo on my arm. But it’s really about rewriting history here, people. CD-ROMs being flipped by Bedlam Tapes on cassette by Rez & ArtFluids entitled, Brøderbund Software Library Deluxe. I’ll just believe it. But then it’s like: are there bosses to defeat? Must I solve puzzles to escape? Is there a wizard? What about a pinball level? Or something like Tron where you can facetime a real-ping typing application that also teaches science, history, and language arts while typing commences. Then it gets even more serious, and is that the fire off reel or YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU AND THE GAAME:

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