♫♪  Rezt - “Gwuap ft. Duwap Kaine”

The rounded edges of your pink DS Lite rest snugly between a cradle of adolescent fingerpads and thumbs that survey blocky buttons below like twin cobras poised to strike. Textureless threads of melodica augment your balloon’s-eye view of the village below as a 16 bit avatar treads a dirt path, leaving a neat succession of ovoid indentations in his wake. Though not evident within the view of your handheld console’s dual-screen, your JRPG counterpart slyly conceals a tangled pair of earbuds beneath his impossibly echinate head of blonde spines. The tinny residue of Rezt’s “Gwuap” spills from white shells as he enters general store to cash out on potions.

Hurriedly trading Rezt’s neatly-packed parcels of syllables with 14-year-old twee-trapper Duwap Kaine’s unbroken stream of glucosic melody, “Gwuap” is a rapid-fire cycle of poptimistic hooks that bob bouyantly on the crest of Kloutboy’s future-pastoral soundscape. The rustic hum of a middle-school’s unsuccessful recorder rehearsal is heard faintly in the distance as you trailblaze a PVC pipe wilderness.

Burn through fictional currency with reckless abandon.

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