♫♪  Rick Ross - “Shaheem Reid Speaks”

Mr P, I’m aware this release dropped January 6, 2012, but Maybach models are going out of style in 2013. What is Maybach Music to do? Then I’m thinking, “What’s living forever if you gonna struggle forever… what good is that?” I’m also aware that we’ve touched on this topic in conversation, but I’m just making it public: buy ya baby-boy a Maybach. Think of it as an investment in “living forever.” Just, don’t be that one dad.

And Rich Forever is classic Rick Ross trash-art, which some people are praising. All I can say is “records on records on records” (only, not really) and Rick Ross has made me “Rich [with personal delight] Forever” until I’ve spent it all (i.e., my deappphh).

RE: (1) What will Maybach Music do? (2) Buy ya baby-boy a Maybach.

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