Rick Ross
The Black Bar Mitzvah [mixtape]

I quite like that Maybach Music. Anyone else, besides my pal Mickey and me, ever wish Ricky made you a personal shout-out on the “Intro” track? Yet, that classic and terribly amazing king-boss personification is BACK with The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, recycling the most pop’d radio-rap tracks and ripping them some new Ross. Don’t matter if it’s trash, and it really ain’t, but Rozay is a radio CEO, so face front and serve your ears some bubbles. Rick Ross for president!! Like, it’s all there. This is pretty much just Rick Ross’ playlist, his mitzvah, and him rapping over whatever the fuck he wants. Yo, there was a countdown for this yesterday. I suppose my only complaint is that I wish I heard more Ross. The licks he got are wet, yo, but they don’t stick, ya feel me? Ehhhh, shit. Ross. “Said fuck me and she wanna fuck me!” Rick Ross fucked me for his vote. wOOp, “911” setting some originality straight, no? Ohhhhhh’kay — “originality.” “Bands” is okay. Into “Itchin’.” Can’t fail when Mike WILL Made It. Someone huge come out with a mixtape and just make guttural noises throughout their favorite 2012 tracks. FUCK YOU, YOUNG JEEZY. SAY IT TO HIS FACE!!!!!!!

• Rick Ross: http://www.godforgivesidont.com/#maincover
• datPiff: http://www.datpiff.com

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