♫♪  Ringo Deathstarr - “Guilt”

Last night I beat R-Type Leo with a fellow gamer who barely spoke English at a new arcade in town that lets you drink actual beer while playing videogames. Last night I died a thousand times playing Metal Slug with Rob, who is apparently amazing at Metal Slug. Last night I tried to avoid a former family member at the bar next door to this arcade, the same place where Ringo Deathstarr was playing.

Last night a group of twenty year olds who are still figuring out who they want to be tried to fight me and my friend, two guys in our thirties who now have children and barely go out to see these kinds of shows anymore and generally try to remain chill as fucking possible when we do. I sat in a venue that still allows smoking for the first time in years and am paying for it today as my lungs feel like they’re trying to expel a cloud of ash inhaled as a result. I did this for you Ringo Deathstarr. At least you brought the fucking fire. At least you came to my town on this tour. Then you played a set comprised of like 75% new songs that were goddamn great. I could even hear a little of your former tourmates in that new material and it suits you well. Right now I’m thinking of rattling off the same list again of all the shoegaze bands you only kind of sound like and all of the other great albums in that field that have come out this year. But nah, I won’t do that.

We know this has been a sick year for luscious walls of guitar. Instead I’m listening to this track called “Guilt” off your soon to be released album, Pure Mood and thinking about how tight those drum fills sound. I’m thinking of Elliott and Alex’s killer vocal harmony. I’m thinking of that Siamese Dream guitar solo that it has going on mid song. I like you Ringo Deathstarr, even if you have a silly band name. I hope you come back next tour. Hopefully there won’t be a jackass trying to talk to you about Butthole Surfers post show because that’s the only Texas band he knows and he just found out you’re also from Texas.

• Ringo Deathstarr: https://www.facebook.com/ringodeathstarr?_rdr=p
• Club AC30: http://store.clubac30.com

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