♫♪  Rob Magill - February Paintings Series [Vol. 1 & 2]

Vol​.​1 (Focus, Memory, Staff. “compositions from 2014​-​2016”)

Come back king, hero denier, veteran feels: Rob Magill continues to tell the story of Weird Cry in strokes of color. (Focus, Memory, Staff. “compositions from 2014​-​2016”) fucks on so many canvased sounds only the repeat offender could draw the demon out from within. It’ll only feel more and more like adulthood is moving away from youth in an old age of candy-cane:

Vol​.​2 (Escape to Freedom)

Explore the consideration of this title, (Escape to Freedom), while finding yourself caught by Magill’s literature of woodwinds. What is there to dissect? How is he fashioning the notes? At what deliberate action does he expel all conventional, but elaborates the suggestive. What are his lungs going through? At what point does this match up psychologically mid-composition. Painted, fresh:

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