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I analyze every idea multiple times
thinking ‘what she will think of that?’
so then i do nothing, coz i feel like in that situation something real can’t exist.

In the same moment situation ridiculous as fuck. Why?
Because she does not know me, we are not acquainted.
But in my head we have dialogue 24/7.

That Princess assimilated my mind.
Second day I walk on every street of my village and don’t see her.
I know where she lives and i walked three times today near. nothing…

Interesting moment here →
I start remember, she was near all month, there was always strong eye contact between us, when we saw each other on the streets.
I felt she gives me signals…
even she hanged in my yard. but i was not interested..
why? i don’t know.
Maybe coz i in love with fantasies in my head and enjoy fantasies more.

Any mind-cleaning techniques? honestly i just should clean my mind from that.
maybe she was offended at me because I ignored her signs for several months?

I was also curious coz she taller than me (this is looks like stupid reason, i can imagine )
Then my friend who much olde and wise man, told me ” you should talk to her, coz she is a princess” (yes, i sent her photo to him providing info)

For the moment i followed her instagram and made album called ‘Butterfly’ for her.
She will never know about that, but all energy we send, always resonates in magical ways
so i feel like everything is possible.

Hope you enjoy this special ambient improvisation
Have a nice day!

* * * *

some minute of sharing crazy ideas

please try to Imagine next thing:

if man born in place where nothing but mirrors around him.
all that mirrors shows him myriad of pictures of him
but all of them distort original object in different way
man tries to estimate who is he here.
and he can’t realize that he is not there

so if he will going to build his life interacting with
he will live his life in illusion
and will never see original picture.

looks sad!
but here another perspective on same thing:

if he didn’t know that original picture exist, he probably will not going to be sad
and if he didn’t realize and believe that something real/original exist out of his spot
maybe this is not that important.

for example - > wild tribes would not be that happy if they would receive iphone .

so maybe everything in right place ?
everyone of us has his own perspective of view, some things can be very crazy, unbalanced, evil, incorrect etc..

but things goes deeper!

what if that man with distorted mirrors will start to realize that something is not ok

you might say ‘how that man with mirrors would actually realize that something is not ok?’

yeah! this is good question. i don’t know
but maybe we should regard apple seed story?
some context of that.

this is hard to answer but easy to see everywhere
a lot of us searching for something, and this is not about ideas ,
this is more about our nature.
this is only soon incarnate to physical things / ideas and some people stop getting some destination point.
but i feel that process it’s like breathing.

only one thing i interested about ‘the man surrounded by distorted mirrors’ its question:
when he start to realize that original picture is not in mirrors.
maybe in this moment he creates this original picture?
he realize that mirrors just not designed for show the original form of his flesh
they were designed to help him to grow up his feelings of inner and outer things, help him to hear inner voice.

i said ‘he creates original picture’ coz ‘original picture’ mentioned earlier was a symbol/sign
like those mirrors, just a helper from another side of situation.
all of this together works as a portal to journey
and original picture it’s a eternal breathe

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[text removed by editor] , hope u enjoy

thnx for your time

in touch!
- ross khmil

ross khmil is the clone of James Ferraro who traveled back in time before James Ferraro to rip off James Ferraro, found the fatal flaw of James Ferraro’s music making abilities, enhanced those skills where James Ferraro could not, took it to a time where James Ferraro is who we know as James Ferraro (now), and is currently doing what James Ferraro should have done, but is too modest to admit it:

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