♫♪  The Royal Arctic Institute - “The Lark Mirror (Telekinesis Remix)”

cover design by John Newcomer; @TheJohnisJohn

Hold on … don’t move …

Did it work? I was trying to knock that drink out of your hand … with my mind. I realize I need to practice. It’s cool — I didn’t expect it to work the first time either, but it was a good try.

The Royal Arctic Institute placed their fingers to their collective temples, closed their eyes, and concentrated in unison:

Boom. Claudia Chopek and her violin materialized, and together they made a haunting road movie of a track, nestled snugly in the middle of late-2018 release Accidental Achievement (Rhyme & Reason).

Gosh, these guys are so much better at telekinesis than I am.

But wait, there’s more! Michael Lerner, of THE Telekinesis, also materialized, as if pulled through space and time on the tail end of the original séance (or whatever it was that brought Chopek into the same room). As the RAI was rehearsing with Chopek, he listened in, nodded in approval, and was like, “Don’t worry — I got you.”

Boom. Remix.

Lerner isolates the guitar, bass, drums, and violin, allowing each to shine at different moments than they did in the original. The new mix is a little crisper, a little cleaner, a little more frictionless. Detritus cleared away with the mind.

Then Lerner wheeled, faced me, and knocked my drink out of my hand with his prodigious powers. “That’s how you do it,” he said.

Yeah, I was there somehow.

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