♫♪  RUN DMT - The Road Soda [album stream]

RUN DMT has a way of making the old sound new. Since his early releases Bong Voyage and Get Ripped or Die Trying, RUN DMT has been piecing together sound collages using vocal samples seemingly pulled from forgotten interviews and home videos, popping and crackling over drowned melodies forced out of keyboards on their last leg. RUN DMT’s 2011 album, Dreams, took that formula and injected it with bits of the ocean-pop laziness that artists like Ducktails and Rangers have been swimming in for the past few years. The Road Soda, RUN DMT’s 2012 CGIFriday split with Tracey Trance, takes a step away from the structured pop songs like “Richard” and “Romantic” on Dreams toward those earlier sound collages, while still retaining the watery laziness of tracks like “Cash for Gold” and “Winn Dixie.” This time around, each track is built on melodies that sound pulled from all of those early-90s ocean noise meditation cassette tapes, run through RUN DMT’s echo-heavy, airy filters that keep them from drowning in all of the secondhand damage and tape hiss.

Listen to the entire album below, and order the tape from CGIFriday here.

• RUN DMT: http://bongvoyage.tumblr.com
• CGIFriday: http://cgifriday.blogspot.com

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