♫♪  Ryan Howe - Pimples in 3-D CS [preview]

Using sunn 0))), Umberto, or (dread) witch house as examples of what “horror” sounds like these days is too Sheen. So, like, omniscient-ambiance, knife-sharp synths, and *screw-screw-chops* are fly and all, but it’s becoming commonplace, no? For nostalgia’s sake, try creating a mental mashup of all your unplay-tested NES games, VHS-taped commercials, and loops of PBS science videos. Now, like, anachronistically think back to missing out on those sounds when you were little: waiting in the car for hours, being abandoned at parks, sitting in school detention. Pimples in 3-D creates a totally perplexed tease-horror soundtrack to your life being skewered by everything you hated during the pre-digital age. Let 2011 soak in. The shit we got now (a.k.a. the cell phone I’m listening to this clip on because of a power outage) is “what’s up,” and if you want some straight nostalgia-horror, Howe is where it’s at! Yeah-yeah, and check out all his other stuff through the link below. He was also honored as being a part of the last batch of tapes before El Tule turned SEO.

• Ryan Howe: http://chudsdelight.blogspot.com
• Ratgum: http://www.ratgumrecords.com

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