♫♪  S​.​Candle - Conditioned Reflex

Leaving Records
I will try not to lose my tail in the process as I crawl across this cold concrete floor and slow my blood down. I am almost within tongue-reach of the mousehole and, woah buddy, can I taste the ingrain as I sniff in the aura and blow out the mouse’s little glassine shreddings. I will add my own teeth marks when I get even closer, even if it takes a thousand years. I am weighed down by one lump of sugar too many, wet mimosa, one bass drum landing in the same spot every time. The glass and tiny bubbles. The bubbles pop about the bump of the beaker beat. If my hand was freed from this mitt, I would pump my wild fist right into the glass guitars and glass strings that are starting to build up around me. I’d pop the tiny bubbles myself. Then I’d be closer to the wallpaper, getting even colder.

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