♫♪  Sadhugold. - CASH4GOLD EP / Gold Standard Season 1 / Rhode Runner Season 1

Tough cranking there, chum? You’re gonna have to bum-shuffle a little closer for this one. Perhaps in response to the small-minded yet large-mouthed doubters or perhaps because the man has his own sense of time, Sadhugold. (the period is poignant) gifted us three whole tapes last week. Compare them to a gankyil, a trident, a BLT—whatever smiles your simile—and you’d be no closer to the arrhythmic heart of this wayward music. The Philadelphia-based producer by way of rapper turned and severed heads with his beats for Mach-Hommy and Tha God Fahim in 2017 and has since come into his own with concept-driven beat tapes nobody else could make. These three continue that course, though none clearly resembles another. Somehow, each freaked beat seems to spring from the same sage, and there’s no telling when or how any of us will access the beyond he’s revving up.

All moonstruck mystics stream the tapes here, there, and nowhere.

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