♫♪  SAINT PEPSI - Gin City

The newest joint from New York-based trend setting producer SAINT PEPSI is out now! Continuing to veer further and further from the musak roots of vaporwave, SAINT PEPSI uses savory samples of funk, soul, and R&B to create an exciting and original dance record. Titled Gin City, the new release contains five steaming tracks, including the first single “Mr. Wonderful,” that was released in January. The tracks maintain a steady driving disco feel that traverses a terrain of varied textures and themes, and never loses its momentum throughout its fleeting 15-minute lifetime. Time to run to the store for some tonic water and limes, and then name your price on Bandcamp and enjoy a few sips of Gin City.

• SAINT PEPSI: http://saint-pepsi.tumblr.com

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