The realest of pizza parties: the SAINT PIZZA party. No need to bring your own toppings; it’s all freshly cut for your melt approval. Two dozen types of fine-shave cheeses. “Made in 45 minutes, baked at 400 degrees until crisp, groovy, & incredibly familiar.” Everyone is here too. 회사OTTO on the cut wheel. VenturaXXX claps his hands a lot and steps backward in a circle *pizza dance.* Tres Margaritas pinching your tongue with teeth and gumption, “What’s that, pepperoni?” 台湾 (Taiwanese) was sweat enough to take the trip over the ocean to get down on it. Leisure Exclusive got the white, yo. E-Sprite™ passing out sobriety. Mnesh spaces out on the delivery girl called as a plus-one. Gopaz Tang shutting this place OUT of that young ‘ZZA. POPE COLA working the post-pizza hustle on a smooth neon dance floor lit by blue and red and white. All made from that local water. Clean and clear. Purified and poured. Mixed with might. And all that other carb-out style sweat. Wait, you’re not still reading this are you? Have​-​A​-​SLICE and DANCE!!!


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