♫♪  Samiyam - one on each planet

It’s been a wreck of a week for beat heads all over this world, as our dear cosmonaut, enchanter, and all-around ethereal being Ras G passed away on July 29th, 2019. After hearing the testimonies of those who knew him personally, I can’t help but shake my gashed fists at fate and cry out for an impossible restitution. I’ll have to sweat out this despair, but there’s some reprieve in seeing the commitment of artists and fans to ensuring that his vibrations echo through the dimensions that couldn’t faze him in this life.

Props to Samiyam for putting out a second tape this year and devoting the first month’s proceeds to Ras G’s family. I got shit to do was a fresh and thrilling collision of styles, leaving one on each planet a hefty inheritance. The offspring earns its nods, and reminds us of the need to stay porous, for who knows but that our personal secrets may tumble on and over to each planet.

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