♫♪  The Sandwitches - “The Pearl”

Boy, with all this stellar synthesizer music being released these days, it feels like forever since I’ve listened to some good ol’ folk rock. San Francisco’s kinda-creepy/kinda-cute Americana band The Sandwitches have turned out to be quite refreshing at a time like this. With the year-end approaching, I have been obsessing over which of this year’s countless groundbreaking drone/noise/synth records I like best, and whether I can even begin to understand all this “footwork” shenanigans; so hearing music made by three or four recognizable instruments and lovely female harmonizing voices is kind of a relief. The familiarity is what’s so great about the kind of rock music The Sandwitches make, but it’s the little haunting nuances that makes this band stand out. I guess The Sandwitches’ name sums up their sound: primarily fun, silly, and witty, while containing something obviously dark and frightening.

On November 8, Hardly Art will release a 7-inch entitled The Pearl containing two new tracks from the band as a follow up to their acclaimed full-length from back in March, entitled Mrs. Jones’ Cookies. Side A contains the title track, a love song that seems to gain seriousness as the song goes on, but maintains a steady cheerfulness throughout. Listen to “The Pearl” and get pulled back to Earth from all that damn space music you’ve been drooling over.

• The Sandwitches: http://soundcloud.com/hardlyartrecords/the-sandwitches-the-pearl
• Hardly Art: http://www.hardlyart.com

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