♫♪  Sango - “Never-Ending”

I doubt that a track like “Never-Ending” will be a revelation for you, nor will it end your daily scouring of cyberspace for a new idyllic, life-affirming jam. What it is, however, is impeccably crafted and made up of unfaltering good vibrations. While “Never-Ending” might not turn your head, it will no doubt make it bob. Let us not also overlook its intriguing start and finish, which seem to happen mid-measure, jolting us into a groove and then away from it with all the shock of dunking one’s head into a river. In it’s unobtrusive excellence, it’s the sort of track that should make up the middle of the best kind of mixtape — appropriate considering this website’s name. The track’s all about solid presentation, consistent ideas, and high-quality through and through. Which is all good, because it’s just a sample of Sango’s upcoming Trust Me EP, out Feb 29 from SOULECTION (who, by the way, have been superb as of late). If the whole album sits this well, it should provide several staple songs for your playlists at least till year’s end.

• Sango: https://twitter.com/#!/SangoBeats
• SOULECTION: http://soulection.tumblr.com

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