♫♪  Sapphogeist - Mar A Lago

The underground pop scene in Brooklyn (specifically) right now is in a difficult flux that draws a fine line between what’s fucking bullshit and what simply works. It’s like picking out who is trying to hard and who’s not by smelling their rank. Questioning if what you’re listening to is “legit” attributes more-so to the implementation of hook. If it sounds like a mangled dog still working it’s way home on the side of the highway, fucking LEAVE IT! That’s some shit attention. Sapphogeist, on the other hand, seems to tie in the poet-side of pop with a disturbing meat-locker club vibe that only BANK Records can provide. And they have on the newest Sapphogeist release, Mar A Lago. Full affect streaming below, and only a handful of cassettes left for sale.

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