♫♪  Sarah Mary Chadwick - “Kesey Peasy”

“Everybody’s in their own world,” is a personal refrain of mine, a phrase I often use when confronted with the obliviousness, selfishness, circular logic, or general lack of empathy shown by people, including me of course. This laments our disconnect but also celebrates “the power of the mind” in a non-Tony-Robbins kind of way. Though sad as fuck in its own right, it’s truly wonderful to hear somebody else express the same. The first lines of Sarah Mary Chadwick’s “Keasy Peasy” are “Some people try to be different/ Thank god for them for seeing that we’re not alike.” The next lines are “I have a universe in my mind/ That you can never visit but I can sing about if you like.” She sings this live over a 147-year-old grand organ. It’s powerful stuff.

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