♫♪  Sargeist - “The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness”

Seldom do I use the descriptor face-melting, nonetheless, for the start of the latest release from these Finnish black metal heavyweights, the term has never been more apt. It is raw and filthy. Initially, the thought of dualities appears to be afoot, based on the title. Yet, if we suckle at the teat for a bit longer, what seemed to be a duality was, in essence, a dualitease.

The fury of the first minute-and-a-half then gives way to a head-nodable groove at 110 bpm. This kind of progression allows room for the song to breathe, before the asphyxiation of part one resumes. After this structure plays through a second time, the nourishment has given life to the third part: thrash!

‘Tis a thin line between wisdom and madness, likewise can the line be thin betwixt metal and punk, a duality originating from the milk of the same bosom.

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