♫♪  Scammers - “Us”


All of us has a Lil Pump inside of them. A train hopping, vagabond looking dude covered in suburb applique prison-style tattoos, guzzling purple sprite-based pharmaceutical cocktails. All of us have a little gritty bass underneath our fingernails. Clawing at the pillows to climb out of a six foot deep bed on a hazy Saturday afternoon. Spilling an ashtray on a fresh pair of Adidas Alpha Bounce trainers (they’re black, so no biggie). It’s all part of the hip hop life. Yes, there is glory to be had. Yes, there will be parties where you don’t have a say a single thing to anyone and you’ll feel cool anyways. Yes, it will be exactly like you always imagined, and there will be no hangover afterwards. From anything. Life will be bliss. Only one questions: so do you introduce yourself as your rapper name, or as your, like, real name? Will you be the real you? This new EP by Scammers, who is a family favorite over at Tiny Mix Tapes, will answer all of these questions, like a big bloody crystal ball. The track “us” is from Love is a Rough Stone Cut, self-released by Scammers on the eve of his 2017 tour.

Stream “us,” a song that could potentially be about any combination of two people, connected by an otherwise invisible thread, below. Also watch out for Scammers on tour, most likely performing at someone’s house in the following American cities:

11/11: Kansas City, MO
11/13: Lincoln, NE
11/14: Omaha, NE
11/15: Minneapolis, MN
11/16: Madison, WI
11/17: Chicago, IL
11/18: Detroit, MI
11/19: Kalamazoo, MI
11/21: Cincinnatti, OH
11/22: Louisville, KY
11/23: Memphis, TN
11/24: New Orleans, LA
11/25: Austin, TX
11/26: San Antonio, TX
11/27: Dallas, TX
11/28: Denton, TX
11/29: Fayetteville, AR
11/30: Springfield, MO

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