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“The ghost of Mrs. Payne (field recording), 1975”

Welcome to Scarfolk. Have a seat. Listen, please. Please, listen. Please. Have a seat, please. Here is your rabies vaccine. Here, listen to this message. Please, listen. Please.

The mayor has decided that it’s time to hear more from Scarfolk’s audio archive.

This post is connected to a previous one that refers to the disappearance of primary school music teacher Mrs. Payne whose body was found encased inside an ancient standing stone.

Forensic examination of the stone revealed that it had originated more than 300 miles away and historians could not ascertain how prehistoric man had transported it to Scarfolk, much less how Mrs. Payne had found her way inside a 300 million year old rock. The police reported it as chance accident.

When the stone was broken into chunks and sold as ‘Payne’s Pain’ souvenirs in Scarfolk gift shop purchasers began hearing ghostly music in their homes. Additionally, the music was heard at the stone circle where Mrs. Payne’s body was found, as well as at the geological site of the stone’s origin.

The souvenirs were recalled and buried at the centre of the stone circle in Scarfolk fields, now the only location where the music can still be heard, and only then on the anniversary of the death of Payne’s husband who found himself unexpectedly dismembered during a pagan ritual competition for the under 10s.

This is a field recording made from the stone circle.

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