♫♪  SCEPTILE - deer corpse on the interstate

SCEPTILE descend like vultures on the exit ramp, gnawing on the grisly remains of post-rock roadkill. Lasting about the same amount of time it takes to microwave a frozen burrito, deer corpse on the interstate is a messy three-song digestion of punk’s noisier touchstones: sour Spiderland riffs make parabolic dives into a drainage ditch of gloom on the EP’s title track while its two predecessors ride a blown-out blast beat, resembling a black-metal re-imagining of Minor Threat. Squeezed into such a short time frame, recorded to what seems to be an old Nokia cell phone, and peppered with visceral free-associative lyricism, deer corpse on the interstate is a submarine voyage to the most remote depths of punk aesthetics, the water pressure wringing your temples.

SCEPTILE is a deep-fried order of post-post-rock with an extra ramekin full of “post” on the side. Extra crispy.

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