♫♪  Sea Moss - Bread Bored

“Keep ’em coming!” I shouted to the bartender, gesturing toward the Manhattan (Maker’s, perfect, rocks) on the bar in front of me. Satisfied that he’d heard me and understood what the HECK was up, I turned to the camera live-feeding to Crash Symbols’ home computer screen and that screen only and, as if I was on a FaceTime call with them or something, seductively smiled and said, “You keep ’em coming too, Crash Symbols. Keep these sweet tunes coming.” Wink, and out!

Because they can’t, they won’t, and they just don’t stop pumping out hits like it’s 1994, Crash Symbols has another new banger on offer, and it’s hot fire. Sea Moss, the Portland, Oregon, duo of “drum wizard” (I can’t improve upon copy that calls someone a “wizard” at anything) Zach D’Agostino, who records as Don Gero, and experimentalist Noa Ver, aka Mulva Myasis, take the two greatest ingredients known to humankind – drums and synthesizers – and mix ’em up real good until they’re freaky in all the freakiest spots. Is it possible that copies of No New York and I Am Spoonbender’s Sender/Receiver just now found their way into whatever hippie commune these cats obviously live in (because, Portland)? Probably not, because my speculation shouldn’t be confused as fact, no matter how reliable I sound. Still, can you imagine what those two records would sound like smooshed together in a futuristic matter-fuser? You don’t have to, because we have Bread Bored. And again

“Keep ’em coming!”

Because we love the rhythmic possibilities of whatever the word “horsepox” sounds like transcribed into metallic sonic fibers and bombarded with electromagnets. Or “internal stutter.” Or “diurnal enuresis.” Or the answer to the question “Wanna See a Trick?” (Which is always YES.) Bombard it all, record it, release it. Repeat. Bartender, I’m ready – hit me! This otherworldly barrage of breakneck neon has me all tense and jittery, and the nerves could use a good bit of liquid calming. But hey, that’s what you get into this biz for, isn’t it? Getting your socks knocked off every once in a while?

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