♫♪  Secret Crush - Birth EP

Bushwick, Brooklyn’s Secret Crush is finally putting out their first major release, after a few years of playing the rounds, and probably tinkering around and honing their craft, the foursome’s four-track EP, titled Birth, is to be released on cassette through Dazzleship Records, and by the sound of previewed track “Set Designer,” it was just about goddamn time too, ‘cause it’s a real doozy, and will no doubt have us all hoping the full-length isn’t far off (no pressure, boys!)

Actually, “Set Designer” is just the kind of song that’s gonna make you put some sunglasses on, light up a cigarette, open up a beer, sit out on your stoop, and contemplate the summer sun set (or zone out, whatever), to bask in all of its ‘Grade A’ sad bastard/slowcore/jangle [grunge] pop glory. Don’t believe me? Have a listen…

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