♫♪  SelfSays - “BDA (Ball Dropper’s Anthem)”

SelfSays - 'April' -artwork by Chris Everhart (Silent Giants)

This is really just a taste, a preview, the opening rounds. Hey, look over here. Listen up. Detroit-based emcee SelfSays is psyching himself up, upping his stats and getting “motivized” with a time-is-now-type rap over a hail of hearty funk-march beats and warm soulful organ hooks (compliments of NY-producer Blockhead with dazzling reggae-ish fx on the vox by Ann Arbor-producer Buffay).

Having just past the age of 30, SelfSays (a.k.a. Charles Vann) is getting into the game a little bit later than some, but he’s kicking all that self-doubt aside with heart-on-the-sleeve, swiftly cadenced quips of no-time-like-the-present. Indeed, with the rise of Danny Brown, there’s potential that many other eyes are peeking through Detroit’s hip-hop hotbed and they’d be wise to keen in on SelfSays, backed by a range of eclectic and esteemed producers on an EP released last month to commemorate a springtime tour through Europe with Michigan-based electronica composer Shigeto. Consider it a primer, though, because he’s got yet another release (a 7-inch split) coming out in the last week of September: Not Another Video Game Song / They Shootin’ is his debut on iNsect Records. Level up.

• SelfSays: http://selfsays.com
• iNsect Records: http://insectrecords.org

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