♫♪  Seph & Morgan - Teamwork

The URL spirit known as C Monster already spread the butter for that early nibble of Seph & Morgan. But that was just a taste. Now, the entire table is a full on spread with Teamwork, and we all get to gorge on their peaceful, sublime creations. Like a hallucinatory dream on your lawn/roof/porch during a hot afternoon, the mood is not one to remember, but one to be in.

Don’t believe me? Then take it from Astro Nautico:

While living together, Morgan and Wachspress [writer’s note: Seph] temporarily set up an all-hardware space to create in their home. An array of analog polysynths provided a tender, moody sound palette, including woozy, detuned string pads and aquatic filter leads. The artists ran these signals straight to cassette, layering hiss and fuzz and field recordings to give the sound a full sense of place. The result could induce a state of hypnotic contemplation or score your late night drive. Whether played at home, in a forest or a prayer room, Teamwork is a perfect companion to living life. Take it at your own pace.

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