♫♪  Sevdaliza - “Bebin”

Out of suffering is born great art, exhibit 10,000,000: Sevdaliza. Barred from entering the US on account of her dual Iranian-Dutch citizenship, she decides to sing in Farsi to protest the creeping restrictions on her freedom. The result, “Bebin,” is a masterclass on restraint in trappy trip-hop (trap-hop? trip-trap?). It has that “Gun Has No Trigger” structure, verse-pre-chorus-chorus, with minimal distinction, three times, where the chorus is just a bar or two long. But what a “chorus” this one is. All of the world is contained in that one word: “Bebin.” When Sevdaliza sings, “My love for this world, my love personally, is larger than life,” you’ll believe her.

Buy it on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be “immediately transferred towards funds supporting victims of racial exclusion.”

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