♫♪  Sha Sha Kimbo - “ZATTISE”

Los Angeles based producer Sha Sha Kimbo unites finely crafted bells with an array of bass tools, ranging from functional to over-the-top, with her single “Zatisse”. The track pulls together traditional bass structures and sound design that could only come out of a post-Windows 98 world, but the sound is never cheap, somehow managing to function as both an orchestral track and a bass track at the same time. The release of the “Zatisse” single is not complete without the two sister remixes (by Swisha Sweet and Lillia Betz, both LA). The former pushes “Zatisse” into a computerized, manic world, while the latter darkens the track, to be played in the wee hours of the club morning. It’s worth noting that both remixes retain much of the original bell melody; yes, Sha Sha Kimbo has made a track worth dancing to, but it’s those bells that make it emotional.

• Sha Sha Kimbo: https://soundcloud.com/shashakimbo
• Swisha Sweet: https://soundcloud.com/djswishasweet
• Lillia Betz: https://soundcloud.com/lilliabetz

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