♫♪  Shield Your Eyes - Live in Nantes

In my personal poll of “seemingly underrated contemporary British Guitarists,” the top spot would be subject to a Deliverance-style dual between Steph from Shield Your Eyes and David Tattersall from The Wave Pictures. Despite my own predilection for such jousting, the two of them would no doubt reject any forced competition, instead joining together for some lengthy blues guitar jam (the good kind, don’t worry) over a few bottles of local ale and a decent curry.

I’ve spent countless hours blasting Shield Your Eyes’ last full-length, Volume 4, air drumming with my arms, air guitaring with my feet, rotating my neck like a broken Terminator. They’re the kind of band I find it very difficult to write about in any witty or interesting way, because there’s a part of me that just wants to write “Shield Your Eyes are so fucking good” repeatedly until the text box gets full or my fingertips get tired.

I realize this is lazy journalism, but sometimes greatness instills laziness.

Here they are live in Nantes anyway, with a new album apparently on its way for the fall.

Shield Your Eyes also have a load of free stuff for download at their website.

• Shield Your Eyes: http://www.shieldyoureyes.com
• Gnats Clit Recordings: http://gnatsclitrecordings.bandcamp.com

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