♫♪  Shingles - In a Doom Mood

Ok ok, so I heard about this — just as 99% of the shit I “write” about I find through some other source (Bandcamp notifications, emails, Podcasts, carrier pigeons, etc.) — from elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m a jacker. Just means that things get spread. And speaking of spread, this here Shingles (AKA Jesse DeRosa, captain of the Baked Tapes ship) album is the moist towelette to wipe yourself down with after the spreading gets spread. First off, DOOM beats?! Now we’re talking my language. Then, some smooooooth, layered EVI lines atop those funky, choice selections? Now we’re REALLY talking my language. Which is English!

Unfortunately, the physical copies are sold out, but luckily for you, this thing called NOW exists, and you don’t have to rely on an ephemeral medium to listen to these tasty cuts. Just use your oversized, greasy fingers to click the play button below, and let Shingles rips the fuck out of your eardrums.

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