♫♪  Shingles/Sound Out Light - Split

Thinking about discovering a lost civilization deep within a rainforest? Think twice, bub. Matter of fact, don’t bother. Shingles got that vibe on lock. No need for a machete or helicopter or galoshes. A tape deck is all you’ll need. That, or a working CPU/phone/tablet/abacus. And I say abacus cuz this shit adds up. And Sound Out Light can calculate, too. Don’t be fooled. Together, these modular cats create sound-worlds both challenging and inviting. I mean, on the one side, Shingles gets earthly. But on the other, Sound Out Light gets spacey. Grounded, yet astral, you question? Ah, yes. Ah, yes, INDEED! Electronics have never been so chewable. Chomp on this monster of a split, birthed by Oxtail Recordings, and munch with relish as these two map out inner travels.

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