♫♪  shiwashiwa - “ピグミーシワシワの大冒険”

“ピグミーシワシワの大冒険” aka “Pygmy squirrel’s great adventure” through the squiggling forests of perfectly pleasant Japanese internet pop. As and Bs and other little bits of the alphabet arrive exactly on beat and sing-songy to my favorite degree. The little squirrel ventures out into the big, wide world and sticks in my head like a jingle—oh, to feel so hopeful and small and carried away by something much larger.

Music for all sweet creatures poking their heads up out of the grass. Music for other hypnotisms. Music for a bathing rat. (Is it real, this world?) If the rat makes you nauseous, like me, take some healing time listening through shiwashiwa’s brief but gleeful Soundcloud feed.

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