♫♪  shyneboyfuego! - “SUPER FLEX (2016)*gorgeous music”

The term “lo-fi” is often passed around in discussion of the current wave of trap purveyors with a penchant for distortion-laden 808s, and perhaps rightfully so, yet it’s lamentably rare to unearth a solid mixtape that successfully trail-blazes textural territory beyond the snarling, speaker-destroying sub-bass pulses employed by Lil Yachty and XXXTENTACION. Fortunately for cloud rap aestheticians, shyneboyfuego!’s prolific SoundCloud output serves as a detailed logbook of observations recorded while exploring the uncharted outskirts of audio quality. Carefully exploring the interplay between bass-boosted beats presumably re-recorded onto a cell phone and background noise absorbed alongside it, he’s the Lewis and Clark of clipped audio, canoeing across wavy production on stream-of-conscious flows that harmonize a sincere appreciation for Skechers with the obligatory tropes of trap excess.

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