♫♪  Sicko Mobb - Super Saiyan Vol. 1

eeEEEeeee [in my Sicko Mobb Auto-Tune’d shriek]! From them dreadheaded prettyboyz out West in the Chi, Lil Trav and Lil Ceno, a.k.a. the imitable Sicko Mobb, comes an unexpected bestowal of a blessing for This New Year of 2014 — Hark! Super Saiyan Vol. 1, a Forgiato-skreechin’, Robin Jeans-sportin’, Kemo-walkin’ journey through the Molly-booted bubblegum of Chicago’s bop underground.

You’ve maybe already heard Sicko’s early YouTube buzzers like “Hoes Be Goin’,” “Remy Rick,” or “Fiesta,” with their endlessly cyclical melodies and footwork-fast BPMs, but the end of 2013 saw Trav and Ceno transforming into full-blown visionaries, setting a new standard for rap-sung insanity on the Lil Durk-featuring “Maserati” and pushing their poignant melodicism into irresponsible levels of gorgeousness on the Mudd Gang-produced “Remember Me.”

The point: even if you don’t like hip-hop, especially if you don’t care for drill, or, if you like music, tune in with Sicko Mobb, like, right now. K?


• Sicko Mobb: http://www.audiomack.com/artist/sicko-mobb-10

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