Siddiq & Vektroid
“Midnight Run 2013”

Okay, I don’t talk to people about music very much, but are people listening to Midnight Run a lot? Are Siddiq & Vektroid like the vaporwave version of Frank Ocean right now? I mean, obviously Magic Fades come to mind. And that last Angel1 album on Beer on the Rug. It’s all similar. So who set my alarm for 4:30AM?

About twice a month, I’ve been hitting up Rolondo in the grey VW bug with the Florida license plate and cassette deck in the dash. When Pokémon Go first dropped, it was when Rolondo and I first met, so I told Rolondo, “Aye, Rolondo, Ima get you a tape next time we meet. Be safe,” and I dipped out. Midnight Run was the first tape I made for Rolondo. Rolondo’s report:

It’s low-key when you need it to be club, but sexy; but not bachata. When we first met and you had your GPS out, it made me nervous. Then I downloaded Pokémon Go, so I get it, and this tape is like that kind of disguise. I have everyone listen to [“Midnight Run 2013”] because of the computer sound they are familiar with hearing.

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