Turning off Canal onto Mott, I find a tape squeaking out under a pile of shattered tile. On it reads SIMULATOR and GLASS BRIXX VOL1. So, I pop it into my shitty Walkman, and Chinatown turns into a wonderland of chopped up goodies and misspelled graphic tees. Deep in trash bags along the side roads await the brand of choice: Bootleg. As the forger is just as good, if not BETTER than the original artist, then SIMULATOR takes self-critique and by-standards into a new realm of sampling the old into a beyond-new. But swagging out for about $50, walking out from (potentially) an apartment above a fish market, and knowing there’ll be a foam rave there in about four hours gives you good lax time to prepare the perfect hacked outfit.

SIMULATOR (LAMPGOD & **Ł_RD//$M$) be breaking them GLASS BRIXX VOL1, and I’ve been slackin’ on the straight macin’. Feels like my ears are a bit behind. Catching up on the low, feeling all that high, and grainin’ on that wood. Stream the (second) newest CS GLASS BRIXX VOL1 by SIMULATOR on Bootleg Tapes below, and feel the back-door vibe:

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