♫♪  sineh - “Got a Sack”

emb rapper sineh’s got some flames goin’ up on his new track “Got a Sack.” Produced by Yung Murk, sineh brings forth tears as the void-strewn firmament floats into his lyrics and their gloomy delivery. The landscape, like the computer screen that beckons, is bare, but something drives him forward and keeps him alive — a floundering desire to live, as if clinging to a plank or a buoy. Which is how we all are. The clingers, the flounderers. Even with all those “snakes in the grass.” And moreover, even without all the stacks, racks, and sacks we could have.

But you know. You get a sack if you crack your own egg, break your own spell, name the unnameable into music:

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