♫♪  Sip - What About Scottie


Man look how good I look man, it’s Lil B
- Lil B

I went to high school in the South, so late night drives listening to hip-hop (especially of the Bama variety) were a staple of my teenage youth. Smoking with friends, I would crank the volume of my beat-up PT Cruiser (lol) and fly down moonlit roads past fields and rivers on the way to the corner store to purchase swishers. We’d park on the side of some back road, plug in the aux cord, and waste time the best way we knew how. I look back on these memories fondly, and the anthems that cradle them.

Here’s some Alabama hip-hop for you that might stir up similar memories. Sip, an emcee from Tuskegee, has dropped an EP by the name of What About Scottie. Tinges of smooth jazz drip over brooding, ethereal beats as Sip’s Southern drawl floats somewhere in the clouds. It’s got a classic vibe, hitting somewhere between nostalgia and the Lil B quote above. Stream the project below.

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